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Square Phillips

Soaring 232,5 m above sea level, 1 Square Phillips will be one of the tallest buildings in Montreal. Designed for residents seeking the vibrant experience of downtown living, it offers the perfect combination of urban life and privacy. Its unique composition of volumes enables the 61-storey tower to offer stunning views of the city and a spectacular outdoor garden on the 50th floor. The glass cladding holds a mirror to the city, reflecting not only the sky but the urban environment, helping the building blend perfectly into the cityscape. The project will contribute to the City of Montreal’s efforts to revitalize this downtown area. Offering a rare opportunity to occupy a space that had never been built on before, 1 Square Phillips is creating a peaceful oasis in a jewel-like setting.

Condominiums – Urban excellence

Our one- and two-bedroom studios and condominiums ranging from 365 to 1,365 sq. ft. reflect the very spirit of Montréal’s downtown core. As soon as you walk through your door, the city’s din subsides. Calm returns and you relax once again. Time doesn’t matter in your custom unit.

Penthouses – Elegant living in azur

Located from the 54th to 59th floors, these exclusive spaces make way for your dreams with unmatched design and the finest finishes. These spaces overlook Montréal and will meet your highest expectations..

Commons Spaces – Pure joy

A magnificent courtyard with oversized Claude Cormier bonsai vases, a spacious two-floor lobby, a sky lounge with rooftop terrace—every effort has been made to ensure residents enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle as soon as they enter 1 Square Phillips.


Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architectes & Groupe Brivia