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Our Know How


With several years of experience, our team is made up of qualified and motivated specialists to offer you a high-quality, solid and durable product with the most competitive price on the market.

Our mission

Manufacture and install quality ramps on time for high density projects in Eastern Canada.

R & D

All our R & D resources have only one objective: to manufacture the best product to meet the demand of our distinguished clientele at the best market price. This is why product development is based on standard components allowing us economies of scale and a uniform transition between models on the same project.


The stakes of security are henceforth unavoidable. As a member of a Prevention Mutual, we do everything in our power to preserve an irreproachable record. That’s why we have a tailor-made prevention program and require the commitment of all our workers and subcontractors to our specific work procedures.


Trust, cordiality and respect give us the opportunity to develop enriching relationships that will allow us to grow. Let’s team together!